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  • Reporting Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect
  • Family In Home Services
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  • Substance Abuse Policy & Protocol
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  • Guide to Keeping Children Safe (Minimum Standards of Care)


    If an investigation/assessment finds that abuse/neglect has occurred, and if the cause of the mistreatment cannot be corrected by the family, the family will continue to receive Child Protective Services.

    The family and the social worker participate in identifying the problems and creating a plan with specific activities to correct the problems. This is called a Family Services Case Plan. This plan is reviewed and updated at least every three months.

    • The social worker will have direct contact with all family members regularly, sometimes about twice a month, but often more frequently than that. The frequency may vary depending on the family’s needs and the level of risk to the child.

    • The social worker provides case management services to the family. This involves referring children and families to a variety of resources. The social worker will also make sure the family can access services and will monitor the effectiveness of these services.

    • Most of these services are provided either in the home or community. Home visits can be made in the early evening so that work and school schedules are not interrupted.

    • A family usually receives services for six months to a year. Length of service depends on how quickly the problem leading to the mistreatment of the child can be corrected and the risk to the child reduced.

    • If a family is unable to correct the problem that led to the mistreatment and the child remains at risk, or Social Services is unable to ensure the safety of the child in the home, the agency will file a petition with the court.

    • When a petition is filed, the agency must show the court that reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the child’s safety at home.

    • The court may decide to place the child in Social Services custody and in foster care or may decide to leave the child at home and order the parents to follow the Family Services Case Plan. It is necessary to file a petition in less than 20% of the situations in which we are providing Family In Home Services.