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Bookbagger Program for Daycares
Suzanne White

Suzanne White, Library Director
Phone: (828) 465-8664

map 115 West C Street
Newton, NC 28658

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The Catawba County Library System would like to invite you to take advantage of the free services that we offer to daycares:
  • Bookbaggers is an easy way to provide books for classroom use. Each month our staff carefully selects age-appropriate books that can be used and enjoyed by both children and teachers. The convenient canvas red bags contain 15 books each, and are checked out to daycare centers for 30 days. Each month when you return your bag, there will be another waiting. This program requires a sign-up and a commitment from someone at your center to pickup and return these books each month during regular library hours. Book bags will be ready by the first week of each month.
  • Books on special themes are available upon request. All of our libraries will be happy to pull materials for your center. We only ask that you call a day before you need to pick up your books.
  • Library tours and special story times are always available. (Libraries make great field trips!)
Below is an application form for the Bookbaggers program. Please complete the application and sbmit it if you are interested in participating this
Bookbagger Program Application
Please complete this form and click on Agree & Submit if your childcare center would like to pick up library books each month.
Name of Childcare Center (Required)
Address of Childcare Center
Mailing Address
Telephone # (Required) Director:
Email Address
Number of Bags needed at your center: Toddler:    3 - 4 Year Old    5-6 year old 
Choose the library branch where you want to pick up your books:


Catawba County Library System agrees to provide a collection of age-appropriate books to the above mentioned center on a mutually satisfactory date. In return, the above mentioned childcare center agrees to be responsible for supervising the use of these books, reasonable care of library materials, and the return of these library books in a timely manner.